Tariff information Labels

Tariff Information Labels (TILs) are a simple breakdown of the key details relating to energy tariffs for gas and electricity.

You can view the TiLs for Green Network Energy tariffs by following the steps below.

Step 1.
Simply enter your postcode and select the View tariffs button, to see the key features of each tariff that is or has been available in your postcode area. Please note that some details may be different to the information received in your Welcome Letter. The TiLs are for individual tariffs and do not contain information such as any dual fuel discounts which are applied when we supply you with both electricity and gas.

Step 2.
You can narrow your search by selecting the fuel, meter type or payment method relevant to you before you select the View tariffs button - this will show tariffs that match your choices more precisely

You can use this information to compare our tariffs with other suppliers.